A Haiku For Rocket Man

Everywhere I turn

Baby stuff overwhelms me

Loud silence echos.

I've dragged my feet getting the house back to its everything-in-its-place order. Rocket Man's messes are not something I'm in a hurry to clean up. Although, I'm sure by mid-week my OCD tendencies will take over and I'll tornado through the house. Until then, I'll revel in smudged stainless steel appliances, slobbery kissed windows, and baby paraphernalia everywhere. Am I  the only grandmother that behaves like this when the grandchild leaves or am I just crazy? Don't answer that.

I'll close with a picture of Rocket Man because I know deep down you want another peek at him too.


  1. I wish I could teleport home or own my own plane with my own germs and no one else's and come see you.

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