Wile E. Coyote

The coyotes, or as Pew Buddy calls them, hionees (hi-oh-nees) have become rather brazen lately. They'll come right up to the house, leave their mark and quickly move on, all under the cover of darkness. Sometimes though they're a bit more daring, I've seen them racing through the pasture in the middle of the day, crazy hionees. In her younger years Dog kept them at bay, she and her sister would chase them or bark them into submission. After her sis died Dog would still chase them but only if it was one-on-one, I guess she understood pack mentality and knew better than to take on more than one at a time. 

Saturday, around nine in the morning, a coyote was approaching the house as I was opening the back storm door. The sound of the door opening sent it running. It didn't go far though, it lurked on the edge of the woods for a few minutes. I contemplated running back in the house to grab the ol' Canon but knew by the time I got back out it would be gone. So, I proceeded with my reason for going out in the first place, to let Dog back in the house, remember, my outside dog has become an inside dog. Dog though, thought I'd come out to take her for a walk, so walk we did but not before she picked up on the scent of the hionee.

Unfortunately, Dog's coyote chasing days are over. In her old age she's gotten to where she can't crawl under the fence nor run for any period of time. All she could do was pace, franticly. 

First here

Then a quick run to the fence, trying to figure out how to crawl under it.

One more run this direction, still trying to figure out a way to get under the fence.

In the end all she was able to do was leave her mark.

Bless her heart, her spirit is so willing but her flesh just can't quite do what she needs it to do. I understand all too well, all too well.


  1. Yes ma'am I can feel her pain. I know how she feels...

    1. Owen, growing old is not for the faint of heart, is it?

    2. What amazes me is how sneaky he is. Before you know it, you can't get up out of a chair without grunting and groaning. I'm thinkin, "Dang! why is that so hard."