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I've been going through the Mac's iPhoto files over the past few weeks, deleting files that I don't remember why I took them. I know, I know, don't delete anything you might need it later. Ah, it's not how I operate, even on the computer I have to have everything organized and with only the bare necessities. My perusing brought me to some photos I took while Hank and I were in Oregon this past July. I'm glad I came across these, they brought back sweet memories of Baby Sis and her hubby.

I can't tell you exactly where these were taken, other than somewhere in Oregon. Baby Sis, Hank, and I took a road trip with no destination in mind, much like my family would do when I was a child. Dad would say, 'let's go somewhere', we'd say, 'where?', he'd say, 'wherever the shoe points when it lands.' Not that we literally tossed a shoe in the air and went in the direction it pointed, but that was the general idea.

Though I don't know exactly where we were, I do know that the first photo was going north, or was it south, no maybe it was, west, mmmm, maybe it was east, no matter this second photo was the opposite direction of the first.

I loved being on this road, it was empty, windy and shrouded in luscious, tall, green trees. Oh, and the smell, it was the most glorious musky blend of conifers, dirt, and dampness. 

All this dampness contributed to this

moss filled trees. Glorious, absolutely glorious.

Oregon is not all moss, trees, and musky smells. It also has some pretty cool looking barns. Red barns.

Driving aimlessly, I highly recommend it.

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