High School Tradition

Life is full of irony. When I was a high school student I attended a grand total of zero Homecoming games. I knew nothing about what went on at the crowning ceremony, who as involved, what the girls wore, who escorted whom, etc.  Now, not only do I attend them, Art Teacher and I are in charge of all the pre-game festivities. I'm glad that A.T. is my partner-in-crime, she was a high school cheerleader and knows all the ins and outs of getting a Homecoming pre-game ready.

What goes into getting a Homecoming pre-game ready? Wellll.... flowers, who gets them, how big should the bouquets be, who gives what to whom, crowns for everyone or no crowns, who escorts whom, will the girls' dresses be appropriate, when do they go on the field, who puts out the arch and ferns, who takes off the arch and ferns, who's taking the photos, when to vote for the Homecoming court, and on and on.  In the long run, all this really doesn't amount to a hill of beans, to us, but to the high school kids, some of them anyway, it is Mount Everest, so we try and make sure all the 'i's' are dotted and the 't's'are crossed. Good thing A.T and I are sticklers for detail.

If you're unfamiliar with who makes up the Homecoming court, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version. Each class chooses a duchess with the exception of the senior class, they choose four candidates, after which the entire student body votes for the queen. At HHS the band chooses a band sweetheart and a band beau, the football team chooses a sweetheart, and the student body also chooses a Yamboree Duchess (more on this on a later post) in the spring. Some schools also pick a sweetheart for the various organizations at the school, we keep it short an simple. As it is, it takes about fifteen minutes to go through all of it. My biggest concern is not getting off the field in time for kick-off, I do believe that would cause problems, problemas muy grandes. Can you imagine, causing a high school football game in Texas to start late? Eeww, I believe A.T. and I would be run out on a rail.

Let's see, I believe that's all. 

Oh, no? I'm missing something? 

Photos? You want photos. 

Of course, how silly of me.

Freshman Duchess.

Sophomore Duchess.

Junior Duchess.

Homecoming Queen Candidates.

Lest you think we have really old students at HHS, the girls are escorted by their, dads, granddads or other male relative. I think this is a good policy, keeps all the drama of we-just-had-a-fight-right-before-coming-on-the-field-and-I-can't-stand-him out of the picture.

The Queen, escorted by her grandfather.

Unbeknownst to A.T. and me, one of the local radio stations was at the game and one of the, well I don't really know what he is at the radio station, decided to horn in on the show. Sheesh!

All the pretty maids in a row.

Another one under our belt, ready for the next one...mmmmm maybe.

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