Here I Go....Again

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, no, that's a lie, the sun hadn't even begun to stretch its rays over the horizon. There wasn't a sliver of sunlight to be found anywhere in East Texas, I don't even think there was sunlight on the eastern seaboard. I got up at four this morning. Crazy, yep, crazy. I'm trying to get back on the exercise horse again, four is the only time I can fit it in on a consistent basis,  that's if I can exercise the mental muscles before I begin on the quads and gluts. 

Sunday I taught a lesson to the sixteen to eighteen year-old girls in my ward. It was about having self-discipline in all aspects of life. I'd be a hypocrite if I dont' do what I told them they needed to do. Argh! I need this though, I need to get myself in a routine. 

I've been surrounded by reminders of my resolve all day, not a bad thing I'd say. One of my reminders was seeing the cross-country team running so effortlessly. As I saw them run I wondered if I'd ever reach the point where I'd run effortlessly, where I'd jump at the chance to put on the Asics, where I'd run no matter the weather. Just as I was about to wistfully wonder my life away, the voice of reason jumped in and asked, 'V, why do you want to run like a sixteen year-old?' Pretty good question I'd say. 

I don't think I'll ever run effortlessly, I don't know that I'll reach the point where I want to run. But, I will walk with much determination and lots of effort. I'd say that at my age, that is good enough.


  1. I start tomorrow. Here's to us!

    1. Best of luck to you JIll, I know how hard getting back on can be.

  2. Good for you! No matter what physical results we see after working out, I always feel better mentally and emotionally after I take the time to sweat some and get a work out in. :-)

    Hope you are doing well...