For All The Texas Expatriates

I know you've heard this before, probably more often than you'd like, high school football in Texas is like no other, Daughter will attest to it. I didn't understand this until I experienced it for myself. 

Growing up in California, way back in the dark ages of 1970 something, I seldom, no strike that, I never, went to football games. Two reasons, first, I had no interest in it, though I did LOVE the pep rallies, and second, I dared not ask for permission to go to a game. My mom and dad were old school this-is-not-how-we-did-things-back-in-Mexico-and-I'll-be-danged-if-my-daughter-will-be-out-past-dark-unchaperoned parents. It was easier to just not ask than to have to explain the who, what, when, where, and how, every time I wanted to do something. Plus, I didn't know the rules of the game and what's the use of going to something you don't understand. 

Fast forward to 1985. I'm living in Texas, small town Texas where football games are the place to see and be seen. Where if you're a woman of good breeding you'll dress to the nines to attend the first game of the season, and all other games come to think of it, no matter that it might be ninety eight degrees at game time. Where babies are weaned on nachos, popcorn, Frito pie, and a carbonated beverage of choice. Daughter began attending football games at the ripe old age of eighteen months, so please forgive her snobbish high school football ways; she knows nothing else. 

I know she's going through withdrawals. She needs a fix, she needs a fix in the worst way; so I'm going to hook her up, just this once. If y'all would like to imbibe along with her, I'll hook you up too. 

Daughter, you mentioned on Instagram that they just don't know how to do football up there where you live, so here you go, some pictures to help appease that craving you're having for 'real' football.  I know sweetie, the colors are all wrong, but red and black is almost the same as orange and black.

The run through:

The anthem

The coin toss.

The band, your and my favorite.

The kick off.

The hand off.

Halftime, corps band versus...

military style. I know which one you prefer, I think, maybe. Hmmm....

And the all important concession stand, which, as always, is run by the Band Boosters.

I'm sure most of you are thinking that this is no different than any other high school football game anywhere in the U. S. On the surface it's not. Dig deeper though and you'll find that  for many people, from the smallest of towns all the way to Houston, football is a mind set. Perfectly sane folks will do crazy things all for the sake of their football. I'll tell you a secret, though it's not really a secret since it was all over the news, there's a district not too far from where I live that spent three quarters of a million dollars on their scoreboard. Yep, you read that correctly, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars on a scoreboard. Is it right? Is it wrong? I don't know. I just know that's how you do football in Texas. I think I'll go grab some nachos, all this football talk has given me a craving.


  1. Texas football went to a whole new level in Allen, Tx Friday night. Talk about Friday night lights...inside a $65 million dollar stadium that holds 18,000 peeps!! The game Friday night was standing room only...over 21,000 football fans attended the game!

    That kinda takes away the hometown feel of Friday night football...

    1. Dang, Shelly, that trumps the scoreboard by a long shot! I'll keep my little schools hometown feel.