Hank and I took a quick hike to the lake this evening. Hikes around the ranch were par for the course when Dog was around. Now, well we've lost the reason for hiking around like the fauna that lurks around these parts. This evening though, we thought it would be a good Family Home Evening activity to see what was going down on the ranch.

Walking out of the house first thing we see, about sixty yards from the house, is our resident Wile E. Coyote. I guess he's feeling his oats now that the doggie patrol is gone. Hank suggested I go back to the house and grab the camera, I did but I was too noisy. Wildlife has the keenest sense of hearing, I let the storm door close too loudly and off he ran. 

Our walk to the lake took us past the corral where a dumb young bull had gotten himself trapped. Not really trapped, he was too dumb to remember how he got in there and too dumb to see that all the gates were opened. Hank circled around him, trying to get him to go through the gates but this bull was too, wait for it, bullheaded. Instead, he ran right through the barbed wire fence. Oh yeah, that'll need fixing before the next round up. Dumb ol' bull. 

While Hank was playing cowboy, I was busy being playing John James Audubon with the camera. First I heard Woody Woodpecker, then after craning my head waaaayy back, I saw this. 

I needed a lens just a bit more than the 300mm to get a closer and crisper shot. I am please that I did get this shot though, Woody is rather elusive.

The lake, the same lake where the Boy Scouts discovered the submerged truck, also yielded some feathered subjects I've been hoping to catch for some time.

First, the heron. Again, a bigger lens would have gotten a better shot.

Next, these egrets. I love how they just hung out on the dock. I feel a song coming on, okay, I'll refrain.

I might have gotten photos of other wildlife had we lingered a bit longer. I'm a mosquito magnet, there could be a thousand people in the area and I'll be the one they choose to bite. I wore long pants, long sleeves and I still heard them buzzing around me, not wanting to tempt fate, I chose to leave before becoming the ten o'clock lead as the latest West Nile case. 

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