All Good Things

When Daughter left home for college, Dog became the 'child' in the family, in a manner of speaking. I've told you several things about her, things like her renegade ways, her skill at hunting gophers, her devious ways at becoming an inside dog, and her eccentricity as she grew older. In many of my posts about Dog, I lamented the day we would have to release her from this life. That day was today. And I am sad, as is Hank. It was difficult to do but at the same time the right thing to do.


Over the last year, Dog and I had made many trips to see Doc Spencer. First one thing and then another, she was ninety one after all. In July of last year Doc found a small something on her kidney (do dogs have two kidneys like we humans?), he said it was small and not in a place where it could be removed. So we would watch it. 

Dog seemed to get better then regress but never to the point that she seemed to be in excruciating pain; Baby Sis, the family dog whisperer, told me that dogs are very stoic and won't really complain about the pain they may be feeling. When her relapses would happen we'd go see Doc Spencer and he'd run tests and take x-rays only to find that nothing was showing up.

During the last six months the relapses were more and more frequent, I'm sure I was in denial about her condition because she still enjoyed stalking coyotes, investigating the pastures and pestering me when I was the most comfortable in my favorite chair. Today, however, Doc Spencer did find something, something not good. Dog had lymphoma, he said that on the outside she might have another six months. Before taking her to the vet today, Hank and I had discussed the possibility that we might have to put her down and decided that if that were the case we'd go ahead and do it today, the thought of her suffering was not a pleasant one.

She recently met Rocket Man and he loved her and I know she was beginning to love him. I knew that they would never become BFF's because, well, she was ninety one and he has just turned one. But I'd hoped she would still be here for his next visit so he could once again pet her silky soft fur.

Dog was my companion even when I wasn't in the mood for a companion. You know how dogs are, they can sense when you're not feeling your best so they'll try to cheer you up, even when you don't want cheering up. 

I will miss her yearly hair cuts, embarrassing as they were for her, and

our walks in the wee hours of the morning as well as the our walks by the light of the moon,

I'll also miss her crazy 'doggie break dancing', though she didn't do much of this over the last few months, not that she didn't want to, she was physically unable.

So I'm debating, how soon do I clean her nose prints from the glass doors and windows? At the moment, I keep thinking that I need to go let her in for the night, crazy how accustomed I became to having her inside after not wanting her to be inside. Crazy too is how attached we become to these furry four legged creatures. Dog was with us for fourteen years, it would have been fifteen in February of next year. She was originally Daughter's dog, you know how it goes though when they go off to college, their dog becomes your dog. Dog is now with her sister and our mean ol' cat. I hope that in our next life we'll have our pets with us because I sure do miss them.

Thank you Addie for all your love, devotion and gentle ways, I will miss you.

Now, go run and catch up to your sister and y'all chase all those hionees to your heart's content.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this because I know how much y'all loved her. This was a very touching tribute.

  2. I had a very hard time reading this through teary eyes. I'll miss Addie when I come to visit - such a sweet girl. I did love spoiling her and I'm glad I whispered in her ears. I know she's already been greeted by Patches and Cat and is happily chasing "hionees". Maybe you can capture her nose prints with your camera so you'll have them forever and can keep the pics with her other belongings.
    -Baby Sis

  3. Lovely piece for a wonderful friend of yours. Rest in peace and tranquility Addie Dog.

  4. This post made me cry. What a sweet dog, I can tell by the pictures. It's amazing how they become part of our hearts. I choose to believe our pets will be in Heaven and that we'll get to see them again. Such a heartfelt post. You truly have a way with words.

  5. I'm sorry about your dog. Life changes are hard!

  6. Your blogs are so well written and photographed, I always look forward to reading them although I don't read your blog as often as I'd like, so I see that I am a few days late in reading this. I can't tell you how sorry I am that Addie is gone. I could tell that she was a big part of your life by the number of posts that featured her.Just reading this entry saddened me so much and brought unexpected tears. She leaves a big space to fill and I hope that each day will make her passing a bit more tolerable.

    Older Sis

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I have an old man who will be 12 soon and I dread the day we have to say good bye. My thoughts and prayers are with you.