You've Got Mail, For Real

Rocket Man will be a year old next week, so hard to believe; though his mama says she believes every last minute of it! I made the trek to the Big Town in search of the perfect gift for my little buddy. He is completely in love with Curious George, books are in order, I'd say. The perfect excuse to head off to my favorite indy bookstore. I told you about them here.

It had been a few months since I'd been to Barron's but as always as soon as walked through the door I felt like I was home. I walked to the book section expecting to find this

and this

Instead I saw this in the children's section.

My jaw dropped, as did my heart. I let out an audible gasp. Dumbfounded, I sadly asked the clerk if they were closing the book section. Her equally sad response was yes with the added explanation that Mr. and Mrs. Barron agonized over the decision but the market for the indy bookstore was waning quickly, economically they were having to take a different direction. As we chatted she said the advent of the e-reader and Amazon had forced their hand. They knew a while back that the book section was not bringing in the revenue it once did but they were just trying to hold out a bit longer for their loyal customers. The lovely clerk then pointed me to the last two Curious George books they had, unfortunately they were a bit too advanced for Rocket Man to enjoy now.

Numbly I walked through the aisles looking for something instead of a Curious George book and thinking that maybe if I bought all of the remaining books Mr. and Mrs. Barron would change their mind. Foolish thinking, I know. 

In my quest for a book I came across this

I wanted to cry.

After seeing the sign I resolved to find a book not only for Rocket Man but one for me too.  And find one I did. 

I've been a Bill Cosby fan for years and this seemed like the book to buy when you're feeling blue, you know, something to cheer you up.

I am genuinely sad that Barron's will no longer carry books. Even though I'm not a big reader, Barron's was ALWAYS my go to store for buying books to give to others. Now I'll have to resort to the Books-a-Million across the road. Books-a-Millon with it's messy aisles and employees that are no where to be found when you have a question. 

I feel like Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail and I don't even own the store, I can't even begin to imagine how the Barron's must feel. They began as an independent bookstore and now they will be down to carrying only a few local authors. How sad. Stupid Amazon. Stupid e-readers.


  1. Change is difficult, and in this case, sad.

  2. That is really sad. I hate to hear that.