Some Parts Are Not Edible

I was out and about in the yard recently and saw this.

Any guesses as to what it is? 

No fair Goggling. 

I'll wait. Insert Jeopardy music here.

If you guessed pine cone, sorry, not quite. If you guess magnolia cone, you are a winner!!!! Sorry no prize today, just the satisfaction of knowing you knew the right answer. (My students hate it when I tell them this!)

I love the bright red color of the seeds, reminds me of red lipstick. Unlike the seed, or nuts, of the pinecone, magnolia seeds are not for human consumption, birds on the other hand can go to town on them, especially song birds.

It must take an awful lot of work for a magnolia seed to germinate. Unlike the oaks that pop up all over the yard, I've never seen a magnolia randomly growing in the yard. Perhaps I will Google how to start as magnolia from seed. Mmm, nah, one magnolia in the yard is enough, they tend to be kinda messy.

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