One Year Later

Today is Rocket Man's birthday. 
Hip, hip, hooray
I'm here, he's there.
Oh my, it's just not fair.

Like my feeble attempt at poetry? I find it hard to believe that one year ago today I was winging my way to see this little bitty bit of heaven.

Although, Rocket Man's mama will tell you that it's felt every bit of one year since she gave birth to this bundle of energy. 

I remember those days. I remember thinking that if one more person said to me 'you need to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast', I was going to scream long and loud. I didn't want to enjoy the getting up at all hours because a certain little girl couldn't seem to grasp the concept of sleeping through the night. Nor did I want to enjoy changing diaper after diaper after diaper. I didn't really care for the endless hours of teething torture either. 

Somewhere along this journey of young motherhood, I blinked. Soon my beautiful baby girl, the one that melted my heart with each hug and kiss,

had become a precocious child.

I blinked again and she birthed the child that turned my world upside down.

Maybe if I quit blinking, time will stand still and I'll be able to enjoy each moment, each day, each year, a little longer. If I quit blinking though, my eyes will dry out, perhaps not a good idea.


  1. Happy Birthday Rocket Man.

  2. Happy Birthday, Rocket Man! We celebrated my baby Saya's birthday yesterday. A year goes too fast!

  3. Oh my goodness, he is one handsome little man! Happy Birthday, Rocket Man! :-)

  4. Happy B-Day to the cutest great-nephew around!