My Alma Matter

Today is the opening football game for my alma matter against Washington State. I must share the following with you, in case you watch the game and would like to sing along when they score a point or two.

I truly, truly, love being a graduate of BYU, I've told you this before, I'm certain. I love it so much that I look forward to the arrival of our semi-annual alumni magazine. I swell with pride as I read of the accolades professors, students, and alumni receive. I marvel at the research under way in myriad venues. I long to visit old haunts and see old professors, which by this time are really, really old. Sigh.

Are other fifty five year-olds as rabid about their college alma matter as I am? Or am I just weird? Don't answer that.


  1. Yes, I am just as rabid.
    Yes, you are weird.
    But, I love you.

  2. Hmmmmmm.... now how to answer that?