It's That Time Again

Well folks, it's that time. Time to head back to the salt mine. I know, you don't even feel sorry for me. Don't worry, if I weren't a teacher I wouldn't feel sorry for me either, I did after all have a two month hiatus from teenage angst, endless paper grading, malfunctioning technology, morning commutes, and teenage angst, yes, I know, I already mentioned that. I do think that teenage angst is the most annoying aspect of being a high school teacher. The drama, oh the drama. There's nothing else like it.

As is customary, we had a week of marvelous inservice to get the old teaching engine revved up. I tell my coworkers that inservice is to remind us that sitting still for endless periods of time is boring, tiring, and a waste of time. Each year I resolve to keep things lively so that the natives don't become restless, I hope I deliver. I will have to admit, we did have one day during our marvelous week of inservice that was out of the ordinary, thinking outside the box, interesting. 

Our out of the box day, or two hours actually, involved these:

Know what they are? I didn't. They're air-soft pellets. The bullets that an air-soft gun shoots. Yes, firearms were a part of our out of the ordinary day. Our training involved several sheriff's deputies demonstrating the procedures they use should our little school be faced with a shooter on campus, and worse, should hostages be involved. It was to say the least, interesting, a bit unnerving and definitely not boring. Without going into great detail, I will tell you that shots were fired and it does sound like a cap gun going off.  As I sat listening to the deputies talk, many thoughts and images ran through my mind, not the least of which were the students and teachers at Columbine. I pray we never, ever have to call 911 with the words, 'we have a shooter'. 

There were light moments during the presentation, none involving the firearms, the funniest was when the deputy with a thick German accent delivered a line from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Not being a devotee of Ahhnold, I couldn't tell you which movie it was from, it was, however, rather amusing. I was, frankly, a bit surprised that the deputies from our rural Texas county receive this type of training, and I'm glad they do.

Alright, ready or not, it will be Monday in a few short hours. Am I ready? Yes. In every aspect, yes. Except, I have grown accustomed to the slower pace of the summer months. If the work day could begin at 10:00, that would be lovely.

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  1. I hope you had a great first day back! I bet you are an awesome teacher! :-)