It's Sort of Like

Way back in 2008 I began this blog. In the ensuing years, when I tell someone that I have a blog, I'm surprised by the question 'what's a blog?', I assume, incorrectly, that nowadays everyone knows what a blog is. So I've pondered this question for a while now and have arrived at these conclusions.

The quickest and easiest answer: a blog is an online journal for the whole world to see, well, that's only if you maintain a public blog as opposed to a private blog, the distinction of the two is for another time. But, blogs are much more than someone's online journal. 

Blogs are like reality TV but in print. You know what I'm talking about. There are those bloggers that will write anything and everything about their life. Sometimes too much information is put out there and as much as we don't want to look, like those reality TV shows, we just keep clicking back to see if the train has wrecked. And if it has, we'll continue to check back to see how the wreckage is cleaned up or if they just hop on another train and wait for that one to wreck too. Then again...

...blogs are like a DIY show. How many blogs to you follow that teach you how to do something? I thought so. I like these blogs, makes me feel empowered knowing that it is possible to build/sew/create/cook/grow/ a _____(fill in the blank) without loosing my mind. At the same time though, I sometimes feel woefully inadequate when I compare my end product with what's on the blog. And yet, I keep going back to them hoping against hope that I'll be able to create/build/sew/cook/grow something fantastic. It's the Martha Stewart in me, I suppose.

Blogging sometimes reminds me of a morning radio show. Lots of talking, or in the case of a blog, writing, about nothing but then it seems like a lot of something once all is said and done. Every now and again the blogger will throw in a giveaway, much like the radio shows do, to keep us coming back. It must work because I keep going back hoping I'll be the next lucky winner

Then there are the blogs that are so well written it's like reading a good book. You go back because of the eloquence of the written word. Words rich with meaning. Words that paint pictures you can vividly see on the large screen of your mind. Words that bring hope and joy. Words that entertain and delight and at the same time cause you to think deeply. I have a love/hate relationship with these blogs, I love the blogger's ability to convey so well in words everything, and I do mean everything, and yet I hate these blogs because I can't do the same. Envy on my part? Yes, yes I'll admit to that. 

So where does my blogging fall? Hmmm, I don't know how to answer that question. All of the above, maybe? Except for the last paragraph, yeah, I don't see that one in this blog. Not by a long shot. Or the reality show bit, I'm not about drama. At least I don't think I am. Oh, and the DIY, ha!, I'm still laughing at that. I would have to say I'm the morning radio talk show with a whole lot of nothing to say with a giveaway thrown in so you'll keep coming back. Yeah, that would be me.


  1. I need a 'like' button for this post.

  2. Don't be envious - I think the same of your blog :)