It Never Gets Old

I'm addicted to the Olympics, I may need to go to detox after it's all said and done. I have to force myself to turn off the television to get some work done or go to bed. I'm glad work hasn't started back up, I'd be useless.

I love watching the competitions, I always wish I were there, but my favorite thing to watch is the medal ceremony. It never gets old.

As you know, I have a very soft spot for all things USA. As soon as I hear the opening chord of the Star Spangled Banner, the water works begin. I can't help it. I've tried. I just can't keep the tears from falling. And, when I see athletes do this...

...there is a sniffle or two along with the tear rolling down the cheek. Who am I kidding, I sob right along with them.

I do have a little bitty, nit picky, problem though. It's the color of the jacket. Gray? Really? I read somewhere that Nike chose this shade of gray because it would allow the medal to 'pop'. Um, I think navy would have accomplished the same thing. Yes, the US flag is on the left sleeve but gray? It just doesn't scream U.S.A. to me. 

On another note, did you see this South African athlete, Oscar Pistorius, run his qualifying heat?

He came in second. Awesome! I will watch the 400 meter race with great interest. If a USA member is not running the race, I will pull for this pioneering runner. If there is, well I will pull for him to come in second.

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