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I'm going to share something I figured out not too long ago. Those of you that are tech savvy will probably roll your eyes and say 'ho hum'. That's okay. I realize I can be a bit slow when it comes to learning all the nuances of a tech-y gadget. But, you know how it is when you make a discovery, you want to share your findings with everyone.

I've had my iPhone for just over a year, I felt so hip, cool, with it, when I got it, even if it was the iPhone 4 and not the iPhone 4S. I missed having Siri as my BFF by a couple of months. Here it is one year and one month later and I've learned how to use the Genius feature. Like I said, some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, or saying out loud, 'really V, you're just now figuring Genius out'. Just in case there is one other person out there that hasn't discovered the Genius feature, let me help you make the most out of your music experience.

Basically, Genius is your private DJ. Genius takes the music from the iPod on your iPhone and creates a music mix based on I don't know what. Genres, maybe. Beats in a song, perhaps. Artists, could be. Maybe it's a compilation of all three. Any-who. I felt quite the genius when I figured it out.

In case you've been wondering how to work this lovely little feature, I'll give you a quick tutorial.

Open the iPod on your phone and go to 'playlists'

See the Genius Playlist, love that there's an atom's orbit next to it, tap it. Doing so will take you to your songs.

Choose a song that Genius can use to create a playlist. If you don't have enough songs that have whatever it is Genius uses to create the playlist, you'll get this little message.

Give it another try if you do. After Genius creates your list, it will begin playing the list immediately.

If you like what was created, tap 'save'.  Once you do the name of the list will be the song you chose, in this case I chose Brick House.

So what if you don't like what Genius created for you? Save it anyway because then you'll have the option to delete it. See the delete in the upper right hand of the picture? Tap on it and you'll then see this

I don't need to tell you what to do here.

There you have it, your own personal DJ. 


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  1. I just got caught up with you over the last couple of months. It is so fun to read and be joyful and commiserate with all that has been going on with you. Good luck with the coming school year!