Dèjá Vu

So here we sit, waiting for a visitor. We're waiting on Isaac. Unwelcome as he may be, if he were to come and leave us a little bit of rain and then be on his merry way it would be kinda nice. Though not directly in his path, the weather gurus are saying we might get some rain, along with wind and the possibility of a tornado or two, nothing we haven't dealt with before. Although,  the past three hurricanes, Katrina, Rita, and Ike, didn't leave us with much rain, or at least not as much as the weather guys had predicted. 

A few months back, Older Sis sent me a link to a site that graphically shows the wind patterns in the United States at a given moment. When I left work this afternoon, I noticed that the clouds were beginning to gather in a rather auspicious way, much like they had with the previous three hurricanes.

I also noticed, as I was walking dog, that the wind was picking up its momentum.

Which got me to thinking, 'hmmm, I wonder what the wind pattern is right now?'. 

As soon as I got back to the house I opened the ol' Mac and saw this

Pretty interesting, no? I'm anxious to keep checking back on it throughout the evening hours to see how my Little Corner of Texas is going to fair. I'm east of Big D., about one hundred twenty five miles. If you'd like to keep tabs on Isaac and his devious ways along with me, go here.

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