Racking Up The Frequent Flyer Miles

Last week I was in Portland, Oregon, this week it's time to visit Rocket Man and Larry.

I left Portland in the wee hours of Sunday morning, 4:00 to be exact. Baby Sis rousted herself out of bed at 3:30 so I could catch that early flight, my Baby Sis is the best. I have a love/hate relationship with early morning travel, love that I get to my destination with plenty of daylight to get something done, hate that I have to get up so doggone early to get to the airport. 

Unlike is my custom, I didn't have a preassigned seat for the flight from PDX to SLC. I had to wait till I got to the boarding gate, the boarding gate folks! Do you have any idea the level of stress that caused me? Fear, no make that panic, began to set in when I was at the check-in counter and the agent told me that I had to get my seat assignment at the gate. What?? Who does that anymore? My panic came from not knowing if I was going to be stuck in a middle seat. I. Hate. Middle. Seats. After what seemed like miles and miles of walking to the gate, panic rising with every step I took, I got to the gate to find an agent ready to help. Agent: How can I help you? Me: I need a seat assignment please, preferably a window or aisle. Agent: I don't think I have either (this she said without doing the usual click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click that they do on their noisy keyboard). Nooooooooooooo! My heart stopped beating. I started to hyperventilate.  Call the EMT's I need oxygen. I guess she saw the panic on my face, because in almost the same breath she then said 'well let me check'. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, 'I do have one but it's in the last row'. Fireworks went off in my head while Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang Hallelujah. I could breath again, call off the EMT's.

Last row seats have a couple of perks. You get to stay seated while everyone else gets off and you don't have to wait for you luggage to arrive, it's there waiting for you.

After a quick pit stop, I arrived at luggage claim searching for the carrousel that had my flight number flashing above it, expecting to see a crowd waiting on the luggage to arrive. This is what I found.

Carrousel not moving and mine was the lone suitcase. I kinda felt sorry for the poor thing all alone, waiting on me.

Something else I saw as I made my way to baggage claim.

I don't think DFW has these, nor PDX. I found it odd that SLC would. I guess SLC wants all the smokers to get one last puff so they can be calm, cool and collected for their flight.

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