On Safari...East Texas Style

After the rain stopped today, much needed beautiful rain, Hank and I saddled up and went on safari through some land Father-in-law had recently acquired. Land that is densely over grown with vines that will accost you, Hank experienced this first hand on Saturday, lovely gashes on his cheek and neck were the result of the unyielding vines. Spindly trees and bushy shrubs also make navigation nearly impossible. One of our ranch hands has spent several Saturday mornings creating a pseudo-road around the perimeter of the plot of land. Our plan was to ride this road making a big loop back to our place, Nature had seen to it that our plans were cut short.

Of course I took the trusty Canon, have to document the adventure, no?

Oh, when I say saddle up I don't mean the four-legged variety. I'm talking about the four-wheeled variety. Here's my Little Mule.

Hank, safari outfitter that he is, first took me to check on the hog traps that the Hog Trapper had set up, why I don't know. I know what hogs look like, I've seen them up close. With my own two eyes. While I was walking. Alone. Unarmed. At the break of dawn. 

I don't know what I'd've done had there been hogs in the traps. Sped away I suppose, leaving Hank in the dust, literally 

I was hoping that as I peered into this morass of vines, shrubs and spindly trees that I'd see some wildlife. 

Hank saw a huge deer on Saturday, before being accosted by the Killer Vine, I'd hoped Bambi's mom, or dad, well not either one of those because, wasn't Bambi an orphan? Maybe it was his cousin that Hank spied. I saw nothing, well other than these curious cows in the adjoining property and a heart shaped opening in the clouds.

Our trip was cut short when we came up on some trees that were knocked over during one of the storms that skirted our property. Bummer.

I believe that if I want to see some wildlife I'll need to ride my Little Mule in the wee hours of the morning and then just sit an be very, very, very quiet and wait. And wait. And wait. My hope is to see a bobcat, or some hawks, or maybe a fox, or maybe even a cougar, that would be awesome. My luck would be to be face to face with more hogs. Hmmm, I'll need to reconsider my plan.

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