Old Glory

Twelve years ago the Rotary Club in my Little Corner of Texas encouraged community members to purchase U.S. flags from their organization and in turn the members of the Rotary Club would put the flags out on every federal holiday. Oh, did the community respond.

My heart swells with patriotic pride every time I see the streets lined with Old Glory. I feel that pride twentyfold on the Fourth of July. 

I'm a sentimental fool when it comes to all things patriotic. On the day I took the Oath of Allegiance to become a naturalized citizen I had tears rolling down my cheeks. So much so that the newspaper reporter that was there singled me out for an interview. Great. My fifteen minutes arrive and I have swollen eyes. I didn't really care though, I was very proud and happy to finally become a U. S. citizen.

Happy Fourth!


  1. Oh Mom.

    And wait, does someone from Rotary drive all the way out there to put up a flag, or is that your flag?

  2. Thanks for that V. I love all things patriotic and the flag always causes me to reflect on my blessings as an American. What a grand and noble heritage we have, and I hope we can pass it on to our grandchildren.

    It causes me to 'Muse' as well (hehehehe! couldn't resist it)

    1. Hehehe, you are funny my friend. So, does your wife serve as your 'muse'? hehehe.