Nature's Engineers

Early this morning I spied some of nature's beauty at its best. Spider webs, sans the spiders.

I was afraid that the photo above wasn't going to show the delicacy and intricacy of the web so I thought I'd add a little bling to it by misting it with some water.

Much better, no? In the process of misting this web, the water landed on a couple of others.

This little bitty one, so perfectly situated between the branches of the crepe myrtle.

And this much bigger one.

I love the style of these webs, the quintessential spider web I imagine. My love for them has to stem from the symmetry they have. Order, it's always about the order. I don't much care for this jumbled mess of spidery construction.

I hit the jackpot with another web as I was heading to water the ferns. The spider was still in residence at this web.

Interesting thing about this spider and its web, well not THIS particular spider but one like it. I witnessed its cousin, or maybe its sister, or brother, or mom, or oh, whatever, do something I'd never seen a spider do before. 

We've all run into a spider's web at sometime or another and even lamented the fact that we can't get the darn thing off of us. I'll tell you something, it wasn't this type of spider's web we ran into, nope. This spider packs up it's house when it needs to, and in a hurry to boot. Lemme 'splain.

Early, early this morning, as in five thirty early, Dog and I were on our way for her early morning walk. Since it was so dog gone early, I had to turn on the outside lights. As we walked past the roof's eve that had the light, I noticed a spider spinning its web, or so I thought. What I actually was witnessing was the spider packing up its home. Instead of ejecting the strings of web, it was ingesting them, rather quickly too. In less than thirty seconds ol' Spidy  had take every last string in its web and sucked it back into itself. Now you see it, now you don't. Poof.

The spider in the photo had begun to do the same as I was walking around it taking pictures, maybe because the web was wet (I misted this one too) it stopped. I'm glad it did stop, The web was too beautiful to have it taken down. 

Spider webs are engineering marvels. To replicate one Man would have to do all sorts of calculations to get the stress factors right, make sure the angles weren't to far one way or the other. And then, what would be used to constructed it? Silly String?

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