My Photo App Day

I love taking pictures. But then you knew that. I have four apps on my iPhone that I like to use. Truth be told, I only have four photo apps. 

First up is Camera Awesome, I've told you about this one before, it makes the camera on the iPhone function more like an actual camera. It is awesome, not a misnomer here. The recent rain nourished the rain lily sufficiently to produce a bloom. A few taps on the CA app and voila.

Baby Sis told me about Photosynth, so incredibly cool. Photosynth allows you to take a series of photos and then it magically puts them together to create a panoramic pic. Here's proof, times two.

This next picture is a twofer. I took PicFrame and Instagram, by far my favorite photo app, to document a visit a colleague and I paid to another colleague who'd had double knee replacement surgery, she's doing great by the way.

Miss M really wanted Oscar the Dachshund to play with her, he preferred my lap. As soon as I sat down he jumped up on the couch and scurried onto my lap and never budged until I stood up to leave. Odd thing is that this was my first time to meet Oscar the Dachshund. I guess no one bothered to tell him that I'm not a dog lover, well, other than my dog. Oh, and Baby Sis's dog, who's name is also Oscar but he's a yellow Lab. Other than these two dogs, I really don't care for dogs, they scare me, a lot. If all dogs were like Oscar the Dachshund, I just might become a dog lover.

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