Honing My Skills

Daughter and Son-in-law, aka Larry, took a quick, as Daughter called, parent-cation earlier this week. I was left in charge, as you know, I like to be in charge. Especially when a certain little person is concerned. 

I'll admit it, I was a bit concerned as to what Rocket Man and I were going to do for three whole days, it's been awhile since I've flown solo with an infant. I'm glad to report that grand-parenting is like riding a bike, it all comes back. 

Rocket and I had the best time. We chilled with Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS.

Read Curious George a bajillion times, it's his fav. 

Practiced walking while mugging for the camera. This boy is just like his mama was, point the camera, in this case the iPhone, and he'll strike a pose.


Paid a vist to the newly remodeled Target. Homeboy has great taste, he loves going there.

Oh, and can I tell you, that with the newly remodeled Target, came brand new shopping carts that spin on a dime and roll with ease.

The only drawback to my three day sojourn in to Parenting 101was that when I had a hankering for a snack, not that there was much time for that, these were my choices.

Yep, not much, is it? I'd forgotten that Larry was living a sugar free diet. Bleh. Needless to say, I bought a few muchies while at Target. Nothing sugary, just some pineapple and grapes. See, I'm learning.

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  1. I've been waiting all week for you to post something about this....and anxiously waiting for new pics. Thanks! This is great. Now just one request...more please!