Four Degrees of Separation

Did you watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics? Were you impressed? I did and I was, more or less. The London opening ceremony didn't blow me away quite like the Beijing opening ceremony but I did enjoy it, especially the 'creation' of the Olympic rings, oh and getting a peek inside the Queen's little abode. That little taste left me with a longing to travel to England to see more of it first hand. Hmm, can you even take a tour of it? And, was that Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle? Is there a difference between a palace and a castle? Oh, the questions that linger. I was also surprised that the Queen was willing to go along with it, kinda puts the stodginess at bay.

I love the Olympics, I doubt there are many that don't. I love the commercials that are associated with supporting Team USA. Tears well up when certain ones come on, I'm a sap, I know it. I make no excuses. I realize that some of the athletes are prima donnas but the majority of the USA contingency, all five hundred twenty nine of them,are working hard to be considered the best in their sport.

See this miniature volleyball? I noticed it in Rocket Man's play pen (aka baby jail, a moniker Daughter  gave it, apropos I'd say) when I first got to Daughter's house. Since she and Son-in-law left almost as soon as I got here, I didn't have the opportunity to ask about it until their return from their parent-cation. Turns out that's the autograph of Russell Holmes, a member of the 2012 US Volleyball Olympic team. 

Here's the genealogy of how Larry knows Russell Holmes. Daughter works at a yoga studio, at this studio works Jessie, who also babysits for Daughter on occasion (Rocket Man thinks Jessie is his girlfriend), Jessie is married to Dane, Dane is Russell's baby brother. So, technically Larry doesn't personally know Mr. Russell but it's only three degrees of separation which is pretty darn close. Soooo, I can lay claim to the fact that I know someone (Daughter) who knows someone (Jessie) who knows someone (Dane) that is related to Russell Holmes. Yes, I thought you'd be impressed. And now, you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, that is related to an Olympic athlete. 

In case you watch the Men's Volleyball team play, and want someone to root for, Mr. Russell is number twelve. I'll be pulling for him, as well as the rest of the US athletes. 

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