A Shot in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bum

Yesterday, at the coercion encouragement of Daughter and Hank, I had a visit with Doc King.

The problem was/is my hands. They're wearing out....darn old age. That was the diagnosis. Which makes sense, after all, car parts wear out after years of use. Doc said that for some of us aging brings loss of elasticity in the tendons and joints of our hands. The remedy? Blood work to check for some issues in one of the joints of my left thumb and...

a shot of some magical stuff, cortisone of some type mixed with lidocaine, to ease the pain as it went into 

my hand.

Doc's instructions as he prepared to do the deed were 'Miss V, don't move your hand as I put this in. You can scream if you want, just don't move.' Oh. Dear. 

I didn't move, I didn't even breathe...because it hurt that much. I don't think I could have screamed, the burning as the medicine went in took my breath away. The weirdest part of the whole ordeal was the numbness that followed and lasted for a couple of hours. Think numbness after you've had some dental work done. Never had dental work done? Lucky you. 

It was a very odd sensation to wrap my hand around something and not feel the pinky doing its job. Then there was the tingling that came as sensation returned to my affected area. Oh so weird, so very, very weird.

As with most shots, there's been some residual soreness and pain in the area where the needle entered. Wanna see?! Yes!! Okay!!!

Did it work? The jury is still out on this. If it did, I have a couple of other fingers that need their very own cortisone/lidocaine shot. But then again, I don't know if the brain could handle the impending pain. Hmmmm....

Thanks Daughter, I owe you one. 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about you deserve a nice ben & jerrys chocolate ice cream!
    Take care =)

  2. This made me hurt just to read it!

  3. I have had about 10 of them in the bottom of my foot and I have to just sit there for about 30 minutes afterwards...waiting to take a breath and for the ability to move again. I can't imagine in the are BRAVE!