Still Waters Run Deep

Sunday I went 'old school' and read a pullout section of a newspaper. Yeah, a real life get-black-smudges-on-your-hands-when-you-turn-the-pages newspaper. It was so nice. As I read a few of the articles in this section I was transported back a few years, not that many actually, maybe ten or so. 

Ten years ago, I'd buy a copy of the Sunday Dallas Morning News and spend hours perusing its pages. Some of the articles were 'fluff' pieces others were the 'heavy' editorial pieces, editorials which would inevitably get my dander up and cause me to want to put pen to paper, climb one of my many soapboxes and give them a piece of my mind. Many times I'd turn the pages and accidentally happen upon an article that was buried deep in the back of the paper or down in lower right hand side of the left page of the paper. I miss those days. Nowadays I whip out the Mac, click here and there and read only the tease that appears in bold, never really bothering to read much more than the tease, never happening upon something accidentally. 

Those accidental articles always seemed to offer me something to ponder. I always felt intellectually satisfied after reading one of those accidental finds. Sunday's newspaper reading offered me something to chew on mentally. 

The article was about living in the 'now'. Living in the now and appreciating what is around us rather than being so tied to technology and schedules that we miss the quieter moments of life. The writer conluded by quoting a Zen proverb: 
"No one can see their reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see."

I chewed on this, mentally, for a while. I'm still chewing as a matter of fact. As I've been chewing I've asked myself a couple of questions: When did my life become so hurried that reading a newspaper is archaic? I'm also asking myself, where did the month of June go?! I swear it was only yesterday that I was packing up my classroom for the summer hiatus. Is it just me or did life have a much slower, relaxed pace when we were kids?  

I need still water in my life, we all do. I need time to ponder, appreciate, and acknowledge the good that is given to me daily. In my mental chewing I've also had a scripture running through my mind, Be still and know that I am (I'd give you chapter, verse, and book but I can never remember this small detail). I need to be still. Still is where enlightenment happens. Still is where I can feel His love. Still is where I can feel peace.


  1. Great post---I definitely needed to read this!

  2. forgot to ask before... where is that picture taken?

    1. Anonymous, I took this at Caddo Lake. If you're not familiar with Texas, Caddo Lake is a fresh water lake found in far East Texas. It really is a beautiful lake, I need to take some time to properly explore all its ins and outs, though I hear you need to take a seasoned resident of the area as a guide because you can easily become lost in its labyrinth of water ways.