Sparkly Clean

In 1997 we moved into this house that I call home. At that time we remodeled like we'd never remodeled before. Walls were moved. Walls were added. Paneling ripped out and sheetrock added in its place. Avocado green linoleum and carpet were replaced with tile and navy carpet. All this made my little abode heaven on earth. But, in fifteen years we've been in this slice of heaven I hadn't had the carpet cleaned. Disgusting, I know. 

There really hadn't been a need.This is the room that exists for the sole purpose of housing the piano and the Christmas tree at Christmas. Every now and again we'll 'receive guests' here but most of our living takes place elsewhere. Now, though, this is the room where Dog the-she-used-to-live-outside-till-it-got-hotter-than-heck-last-summer sleeps at night, during the day and, well, basically it is her ginormous indoor dog house. It was time to get the carpet professionally cleaned. I'm so glad I did.

To begin they moved all the furniture and vacuumed. I must say, the carpet looked ten times better after the vacuuming, I need one of their vacuums. After this, it was time to drag in the hoses.

The cleaning solution came in through the small hose and then was sucked up by the big hose and taken to their truck. Thirty minutes later...

After it dried, I couldn't bring myself to walk on it, I didn't want to ruin the moment. It was like new again. 

I also had the grout and tiled cleaned in the kitchen. That was interesting. They sprayed the cleaning solution directly onto the tile, then scrubbed EACH AND EVERY grout line, wow.

Another thirty minutes, a couple of floor fans, and the tile was so clean it squeaked when you walked on it. 

I'm delighted with my clean floors and carpet but sad too. Sad because now I want them to come once a week and repeat the process so they'll stay clean and sparkly. Sadly, that would be a tad expensive. Well, I won't wait fifteen years for the next cleaning, maybe just seven.

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