Small Town Living

There are certain things that are quintessential small town America. I have one of those things in my Little Corner of East Texas.

A barber shop. 

I snapped this while walking/running the streets at six o'clock this morning. I held the ol' iPhone flat against the window, the entire time wishing I had the Canon. Although, running/walking with a 35 mm DSLR would be rather cumbersome.

I'm in need of a small boy to serve as my subject so I can snap a few pics inside the shop, I'd feel weird walking in and taking pictures without a reason to be in there. Anyone out there willing to lend me their very well behaved son? 


  1. we will be there with Dane in a week but he is only 18 months

  2. I will send you Brock. I know he would love to pose for you!!!