Instagram, Oh How I Love You

So, was your world thrown out of orbit this morning?

I'll admit it, mine was a teensy, weensy off kilter at seven this morning. I'd just completed my trying-to-get-back-in-the-exercise-saddle-running/walking/bleacher experience, anxious to let all my many devoted Instagram fans know of my efforts, when I try to upload my well selected PicFrame photo I get nothing. 
Say whaaaat?! No amount of refreshing would load the photo. I figured it was because of where I was, so I decided to try again when I got home and could use our WiFi. Still nothing. 

After several attempts to upload the photo, I concluded that maybe turning off the iPhone and then turning it back on would reset whatever the problem was and that would be that. Nope. I then decided that perhaps I needed to remove Instagram from my phone and then reload it. Um, that was a mistake. I couldn't remember my password but that really didn't matter because there was no refreshing Instagram.

Not being able to remember my password led me to Google Instagram and that's when I found out that there was a teeny, tiny problem with Instagram. Ah, technology, how you have enslaved me. 

All this Instagram drama, if you'd even call it that, led me to concluded that perhaps I've become a bit too attached to the photos posted by my friends. I also realized that I really enjoy the immediacy of the filters Insta has to offer.

Oh dear, am I in need of an intervention?


  1. Instagram...I've heard a lot about it but haven't tried it yet. Maybe I should start!! =)

  2. Well, if it make you feel better, we and the other 2 million people out here couldn't open our refrigerators... kinda like not being able to open a folder. However, a lot of us could still at least use our cell phones, so if instagram were working we could have sent you pictures of our fridge wrapped in a reflective blanket :) It would have been worth seeing.