Cue Alice Cooper

It's that time of year folks. 

Cue Alice Cooper...

'Schoooool's out for summer!'


I must admit, this year flew by.  Art Teacher and I were discussing this at our district's annual schools-over-let-the-fun-begin-breakfast. Well, that's not what it's officially called but that's how I see it. Really, it feels as if I just finished handing out the classroom policies and procedures to the kiddos. Wow.

I hope I don't give the impression that I hate my job, I don't. As with all jobs there is good and bad in being a teacher. I've learned over the past eighteen to not dwell too much on the bad and truly savor the good.

Here's what was good this year.  This class. 

This class was the highlight of my day. There were actually fifteen in the class, some had gone to finish a project in another class and the seniors finished up last week, these stuck around for the group pic. So what makes them so special? Simply put, they were positive, hard working, funny, and pleasant to be around. I will miss them.

One more good thing. This card.

It moved me to tears, and it wasn't because of the ten dollar Subway gift card. It was this line that got the water works going.

Any teacher will tell you that these little rewards are what make the tough times easier to take.  Every now and again, when the knot at the end of the rope is unraveling, I'll pull one out of my stash, read it and get the boost I need to take the rope and retie the knot. This note....made my year. 


'Schoooool's out for summer!' 

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  1. I heard that song twice this week! I actually liked the Glee version of it.