Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday night you'll find me up at the church hangin' with the youth of our ward. Wednesday is activity night. 

Our activities range from the spiritual to the silly, we like leaning toward the spiritual most often but... sometimes the silly is needed. Tonight, silly reined supreme. We had an Un-birthday Birthday party, complete with party food, cupcakes, pizza rolls, chips dip, drinks, etc., and games. 

Games like pin-the-tie-on-the-missionary; show you've got game by shooting free throws--blindfolded, and a little thing called Elephant Walk.

The object was to knock over eight bottles of water, eight feet apart, using two baseballs in the feet of a pair of pantyhose...while wearing the panty hose on your head and walking in a straight line and swinging the baseballs from side to side.

All I'm saying about the activity is that it was rather hilarious. 

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