This is How We Roll

I promise this will be the last post about my bout with pneumonia. Honest. For reals. Cross my heart. 

While I was at work this morning, Hank and I had this text conversation.

I said I was drinking so much water my eyes were floating, they still are. Hank loves me and knows that I'll put things off till, well, here I am with pneumonia because I kept putting things off.

I did call Doc King and got another shot of Rocefin, now both sides of my bum are sore. Very sore. After a shot in the bum and some groceries in the trunk, I headed home. 

I'd no sooner pulled into the carport when I saw a car coming down the road. Random cars coming down my road are cause for concern, you don't come down our road unless you're coming to see us.  I wasn't expecting anyone, I was concerned....for all of five seconds.

The car coming down the road was that of one of my visiting teachers, the other was about ten seconds behind her. (A lesson in Mormon speak, visiting teachers are a pair of women, eighteen and older, that are assigned to keep watch over a small group of women, usually four or five. Keeping watch means that as a visiting teacher you visit with your assigned ladies once a month to see how things are going, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, not in a nosey meddlesome sort of way, kinda of like sisters checking up on each other). I've had Kiki and Ganma as my visiting teachers for years, at least ten, maybe even fifteen. I love these women. 

Wanna know what these lovely ladies did for Hank and me? They'd found out that I wasn't doing so hot and they brought us dinner. How nice is that?! They knew better than to call me and say 'V, we hear you're not doing so hot, what can we do for you?' because if they had, I would have said 'Ah, I'm doing fine. Y'all don't worry about me.' I'm like that, I'll do for you but I'm slow to allow others to do for me.

I was so touched by their kindness, and so grateful that I wasn't going to have to cook dinner because, you see, I was really feeling the effects of going to work while trying to get over the pneumonia. 

Oh, what did they fix? Well, I'll show ya.

Tomato basil soup.

Fresh French bread.

And dessert, I'm not sure what it's called I just know it was delish, as was everything else.

I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to have Kiki and Ganma bring these love offerings to me but I can tell you that I wasn't surprised. When done the way it's intended, visiting teachers are the Lord's hands on earth. I felt His love as they shared theirs with me, this is how Mormon women roll. 

I need to work on how I roll so that I can roll with the best of them.

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  1. We love you and hope you feel better soon! It was our pleasure to help you!