Alright, my blogging friends, I'm sending out an S.O.S. Daughter posted a picture of herself on Instagram that gave me some concern. She looked wasted, not from doing anything shady or contrary to our beliefs, but from having spent a night on the battlefield of Motherhood.

Here's the problem

Homeboy doesn't like to sleep. He'll fight it with all he has in his little being. Naps are maybe thirty minutes, on a good day. Nighttime is somewhat better but he's not the lovely baby some of you are blessed with that will sleep eight hours straight. His mom and dad are on the brink of exhaustion and though I'm ready to go over give relief, twelve hundred miles are in the way.

Here's what's been attempted:

Swaddling. This lasted until he was four weeks old. Houdini must be a relative somewhere down the line and we're unaware of it. Rocket Man will worm his way out of the tightest swaddle known to man. Perhaps he's trying to live up to my blog moniker for him.

Feeding him cereal with his last bottle for the night. All this has done is make Rocket Man a strapping, happy baby.

Establishing a routine. Bath, story, scriptures, prayer, he knows what's coming and will, as they say in my Little Corner of Texas, pitch a fit to not have to go to sleep. Honest. I've witnessed this first hand and it ain't pretty.

Crying it out. Rocket Man has a lovely set of lungs, might even grow up to be an opera singer. The only thing crying it out has accomplished is that mom, dad, Lita (that's me) and Papa (that'd be Hank) want to cry after hearing the poor child for what seems like hours on end.

Daughter was just like Rocket Man when she was a wee one. And in all honesty she didn't sleep through the night until, well, I don't remember when, if ever. I know how she's feeling; tired, no, make that exhausted, at her wits end and in need of just one night of solid, peaceful sleep. It'd be funny to say that pay back is heck, but that would be insensitive of me. Could not sleeping be part of the DNA double helix? Hmmmm....

Any suggestions? I think short of spiking the nighttime bottle with a little something, Daughter and Son-in-law are willing to try anything. Leave me a comment with your suggestions and I'll pass them on to Larry.


  1. Noah has never been a good sleeper either... IT is so hard. I know. He would not have anything to do with the swaddle.. I couldn't handle the crying it out... In all honesty, the ONLY thing that worked for us was to let him sleep with us. I know a lot of people are against it.. but it also made life easier for us. I nursed him until 20mths old... Daddy was deployed from 8-13 months old... and I worked full time. The easiest thing was to bring him to bed with me. But he would sleep... and still Noah never slept through the night until like 20mths old. But having him in bed with me got him to go back to sleep much faster. We are just now transitioning him to his own bed at 26months.. and he is doing very well... always ends up back with me.. BUT! He starts out in his bed...Last night he actually slept on a pallet next to my bed (bc it was late) and he slept ALL night! First night in forever he has not woken me up to get in bed with me. My advice isn't good and isn't what a lot of people would want to hear.. but it is the only thing that worked for me... Good LUck girl... I know how hard it is.. and I am wishing you guys the BEST of luck.

    1. Thanks B. I'll pass this along to Larry. How are things in your neck of the woods?

  2. I suggest what we did with #3, which is put him in bed and pat back every 15 mins so you can let him know you love him but he does have to stay in bed. He can keep a water bottle in bed. (he ignores it though) and a sound maker/fan thing to make noise for him.

    We did let him sleep with us until 8-9 mos before this, and it only took a few days to get him sleeping through the night, although it was delayed by 2 mos b/c of teething. Hate those teeth. Grr.

    A lot of my friends whose kids don't nap well set an amount of time and each day the babe must stay in bed during that time such as 9-11 am and if they play or sleep or both it's fine but it's the routine. My #3 goes back to sleep during that time but my #1 wouldn't.

    I'm sorry sleep time is so so hard. :(

    Paige Wilson

  3. We're having some of those same sleep issues right now. I feel Larry's pain! I have done cry it out, and while it's painful, it only takes two or three days for it to be over and have a much better sleeper. But, it's really painful! If they are going to do cry it out, here are my tips. Use a fan or something else to muffle the noise. Get as far away from the crying as possible and do something to occupy yourself (angry birds, a book, whatever) so they are not just laying there listening to the crying. Be tough together. I agree with Post it note, set times in crib are good. If he only sleeps for 30 minutes, leave him there for a full hour. He can cry, play, go back to sleep, etc. But that time alone will not hurt him or mom, no matter how much fuss he puts up.

    I am not a proponent of bringing my baby into my bed, only because it's another really painful habit that will have to be broken down the road. And, I need my sleep way too much to have a little someone keeping me up all night.

    My friend swears by the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. It's on my library check out list for next week. Good luck! I'll think of Larry during my night time feedings tonight!