How Things Are Progessing

Life, is good great. I've been contemplating the events of the last four days and came to that conclusion, just in case you were wondering. 

Monday: My Dad gets a new kidney. I called El Jefe to see if it would be okay for me to leave during the second to last week of school so I could come to PDX for a few days to help Baby Sis and be of moral support to my mom. El Jefe said, 'That's great (the kidney transplant)! If I have to sit with the kids, you are going. El Jefe is a great jefe and this is just one of the reasons why.

Tuesday: I fly a red-eye to Portland without having to spend both arms and both legs; an arm and one leg was all it took. 

Wednesday: I see my Dad for the first time since the surgery and he looked amazing. Were it not for all of the monitors and tubes, I'd have thought he was taking a very weird vacation, he looked that good.

He was also moved to a private room later in the afternoon, amazing. 

Thursday: Dad's new kidney seems to be kicking in. His color is great, his strength is excellent.

Now for the mundane.

As you know, cafeteria food at a hospital can be a bit, umm, unpalatable. And since we have to eat, and since I'm in PDX, and since Baby Sis knows all the good great eating places, we've feasted these last couple of days.

This was a quaint French Bistro, the soup (mom), salad (Baby Sis), and sandwich (me) were excellent but...
this was Nirvana.

Today, Thursday, Baby Sis said we would eat a 'fancy' lunch. Yeah, it was fancy alright.

Baby Sis had the 'hand made asparagus linguine', the sunny side egg was not my cup-o-tea. 

I had the fancy schmancy chicken romaine salad.

These past four days have been somewhat surreal, everything is moving faster than I thought, for which I'm very grateful. I'll give a follow-up once Dad is home, which could be as soon as this weekend, how cool would that be?


  1. I'm so glad things are going well. I've kept you and your family in my prayers.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers. I have felt the comfort and the love :)

  2. That is wonderful news. I'm really happy things are going well for your Dad and that is so great that you were able to travel up that way to be with him and the rest of your family. What a blessing!

    Wowzers...and that chicken romaine salad is making me looks really yummy! :-)


    1. Thank you Jenn for your thoughts and good wishes.

      The salad was amazing!