How I Spent My Day Off

Any other time a day off from work would seem like you'd hit the jackpot. This time, not so much. 

There's only so much you can do when you're convalescing. I was under strict orders from Hank to 'stay off the electronic devices', umm, yeah. His thinking behind his order was that if I weren't on the computer/iPhone, I'd sleep. Good theory but sleep eluded me.

I made some observations while waiting for sleep to set in.

1.  Dog likes to sleep....a lot. She made up for the sleep that eluded me.

2.  Dog snores...loudly. Perhaps this was one reason I was unable to sleep.

3.  Tree frogs rival a DC-10 in the decible level of their croak, though it's not really a croak, it's more of a bark. 

4.  Daytime television leaves much to be desired. I went around the horn several times and never came across anything that struck my fancy, well except an episode of Perry Mason but I only caught the last five minutes of it. This electronic devise stayed in the off position for much of the day.

Around noon I realized sleep was not in the cards, so I rousted Dog from her slumber and took her for a walk. My thinking here was that I'd get tired walking a short distance and then be able to fall asleep. Camera in hand we took off.

I was pleased to see that the hydrangeas that were burned to a crisp last summer have managed to eek out some blooms.

A short distance up the road I spied a cactus in bloom. For some reason these remind of California.

The walk didn't do the trick. I'm sure that tomorrow it'll be a different story once I'm at work. Well, at least I didn't scare anyone with my seal like coughing.

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