A Fortuitous Walk

I missed it. 

I missed the solar eclipse.  I was busy talking Dog on a walk at the time it was suppose to begin and completely forgot to look to the sky. Although I wouldn't have been able to see much since I didn't have the proper equipment.

My Little Corner of Texas was not in direct line to see the 'ring of fire', rats, but we were suppose to be able to see some of it. 

The sun has been hanging in the sky like a big orange the past few days and I had intentions of capturing it but each time I took Dog on the last walk of the evening I forgot to take the Canon, iPhone can't capture the awesomeness of the Big Orange Ball. Tonight though, I remembered.  

So glad I did. Because take a look at what I captured.

Could that possibly be the tail end of the eclipse. This calls for a closer look.

I didn't use any special equipment on the Canon to capture these, hopefully all is still intact for both my eye and the camera.  I don't feel any ill effects on my eye and the camera didn't implode on me so I'm going to say all is well.

So glad I remembered my trusty sidekick tonight.