For My Daughter and All Young Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers but especially to you who are in the throes of young motherhood. Please take a moment to watch the following and be inspired, uplifted, and loved.

You have my deepest admiration, I know, truly, what you are in the midst of but I also know that the light at the end of what seems like an endless tunnel is only five blinks away.

Blink, your young child is in kindergarten.

Blink, he's driving a car.

Blink, they're driving that car to a university far, far away.

Blink, she's dressed in white marring the love of her life.

Blink, you're a grandmother.

Sometimes I wish I could enter that tunnel again. Wait, that's why we get to be grandparents! Except this time around, we know what we're doing! 

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  1. Thanks mom! I actually had already planned to use this video in my lesson. Great minds!