How to stay young:

1. Exercise. 

2. Get plenty of rest.

3.  Eat right.

4. Hang out with young people.

I'm still trying to get numbers one through three under control. Number four? I've got this one.

I hung out with Pew Buddy and her baby sis, Pew Buddy Jr., on Monday afternoon. 

We did all sorts of fun things.

Legos? Yes, please.

Color? Don't mind if we do.

Play outside? Why, of course!

Pew Buddy refers to her bike as her horse; I love PB's imagination, it's like no other.  

I did feel younger after a couple of hours with these two cuties...but I was also exhausted. There's a reason why God makes the reproductive years early in a woman's life. Kudos to the grandmothers and grandfathers that for whatever reason find themselves as the caregivers of their grandchildren.

After a night's rest, though, I'm ready for my two buddies to come on over and stay a while.

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