The Big Yellow Dog

Art Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, and I took a motley crew on a field trip today. A crew of kids that would do any teacher proud, they are the type of students that make teaching worthwhile.

Our destination was SciPort in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Though it sounds like an exotic field trip, going to another state, it's actually only an hour and a half from My Little Corner of Texas.

To say this was an unusual field trip would be an understatement, not because of the students but because of the place, well not because of the place but because of what happened at the place.

We arrived at SciPort eager to begin exploring all things scientific. First, check-in

I took a moment to take this cool idea for the relic that is the compact disc. Very seventy-ish, wouldn't you say?

This picture was the extent of our exploration of SciPort, all ten minutes of it. You see, ten minutes after we arrived we were quickly told to evacuate. Why? Oh, something about a fire somewhere in the building.

We did as we were told and waited for the all clear to go back in to continue, er, begin our scientific exploration. Having to wait didn't faze these kiddos, nope they quickly pulled out the cards and began a game of who-knows-what.

After about fifteen minutes of waiting, and realizing that it was not a fire drill, the decision was made to leave for phase two of the field trip. As we were walking to the big yellow dog, the fire engines began to arrive. And arrive. And arrive. 

By golly, there really was a fire at SciPort.

Phase two was spending some time here,

Shopping, eating, hanging with friends, what's not to like about having a little ol' fire detour your plans?

Though I'd like to think the kiddos were highly disappointed they missed out on some scientific exploration, I know better. 

I'm pleased to report we made it back without further excitement.  

Seeing this welcome sign always makes me happy.


  1. They'll definitely have a good story to tell!

  2. I happen to love the bienvenue en louisiane sign. but I'm biased.

    1. Oh, Nicole, of course you do! Don't get me wrong I enjoy my time in louisiane but it's always great to see the sign that tell me to drive friendly.