Two Passions

Sunsets and sunrises are a passion of mine.

I seek them out.

Whether I'm thirty five thousand feet in the air 

or firmly planted in My Little Corner of Texas, I look for the perfect sunrise or sunset. 

Clouds always contribute to the perfectness of them. I love how the sun's light bounces off of the clouds creating depth to a sometimes flat plane.

And then there are the colors. 

Orange, leading to red, leading to blue, leading to purple, leading to green. I'm breathless just thinking of it.

Clouds are my other passion. Even though they sometimes bring the scariness of tornadoes, I love the shapes, sizes, hues of gray and white. 

Remember lying on your back looking up at clouds trying to find hidden shapes? So much fun.

I also like looking down on the clouds as I fly. It's amazing to have a bird's eye view of the clouds.

My favorite, though, is to see light filtering through the clouds creating what as a child I thought were windows God used to see me.

Though I don't think God uses sunrises, sunsets, and clouds to see me, I do see Him in these creations.