Football season. Baseball season. Wedding season. Prom season, this is the one I'm going to tell you about.

Prom has, over the last ten years, become something that most of you would not recognize from your youth, even those of you that are in you mid-twenties. Unfortunately, Prom has become a place for girls to dress themselves in the least amount of fabric possible and a place for boys to let their imaginations run wild with what they see. The dancing can't really be called dancing, I can't even begin to tastefully explain to you what it is, other than disgusting.

There are young people that find the clothing, or lack thereof, and the 'dancing' offensive but don't want to miss out on the Prom experience. To give these kiddos a place to experience Prom the way it used to be, Hank and our other stake leaders made the decision to offer a Prom for them to attend. A Prom where modest dresses and actual dancing were the expected conduct.

There are advantages to having Hank serve as our stake president and then there are disadvantages. Crafty Friend and I made the mistake of chiming in with our two cents of ideas on how to decorate a Prom on the cheap. Our chiming made us head-comer-uppers-with-cheap-ways-to-decorate-a-Prom. Actually, it was a nice opportunity for Crafty Friend and me to hang out and be creative, so all in all it was fun.

Here's what we came up with, actually CF came up with the ideas and I just nodded my head in awe of her creativity.

Table centerpieces made of cellophane bags, black beans, silver curly ribbon, and Eiffel Towers and stars cut on a Cricut and glued to bamboo skewers on top of crumpled and then flattened foil. Oh, and an LED tea light.

Garland made from C7 LED Christmas lights wrapped in foil, then wrapped in tulle.

We also had the bright idea of having a closed circuit feed so the kiddos in the gym could see their friends arriving, kind of like the Oscars and the red carpet.

Our 'red carpet' was red fabric anchored with silver duct tape, pretty convincing I'd say.

The theme was A Night in Paris. No Parisian scene would be complete with out flowers. Crafty Friend had seen some 'flowers' at Anthorpologie a while back and decided this would be a good time to put that idea into play. Here are our 'flowers', made from Styrofoam, Q-tips, and garden stakes.

Total cost of decorations? 


Of course, I must include some photos of  the kiddos. 

My favorite trio!

I took an informal exit poll, all those asked said they had a blast and can't wait till next year. 

Next year? Oh, dear. Crafty Friend and I will lay low, very, very low.

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