Please Come Back

I hope you'll excuse my lack of posts this week, I was otherwise occupied. 

With what you ask? 

I'll show you.

Rocket Man and I had things to do everyday after I got home from work. Walks with Dog, books to read, blocks to chew, bottles to drink, all sorts of fun every day. 

When Daughter was little and I'd go see my parents, my mom would always tell me to leave things as they were when we got ready to leave, to not clean anything up, she'd take care of it after we left. I never could understand why she'd say this to me. I wanted to leave everything clean and in order for her so she wouldn't have to worry about it and could then get on with whatever she needed to get done. I asked her about this once, she told me that leaving things kind of messy and out of order gave her a chance to relive the time we were together.  As she cleaned every little finger print from the furniture, shined the smudged mirror, and changed the sheets on the beds memories of our time with her came flooding back. I'd just roll my eyes and think to myself 'really mom?' Today, I left a note for Daughter when I left for work. It said don't clean anything

Everywhere I turn there are reminders of those-who-are-the-light-of-my-life. A teething ring here, a building block there, a Pack-n-Play that needs to be put away (this one has Hank and I stumped, can anyone out there help a sista out??), and unused formula sitting on the kitchen counter bring back those memories my mom told me about. Interesting, isn't it, how wise our parents become the older we get and the more we become like them.

A deafening quiet has settled back into the house. I didn't realize how quiet this big ol' house is when it's just Hank and me. The soothing tone of Daughter's voice and the sweet babbling of Rocket Man were music to my ears. Tonight, I'm going to miss his nighttime moans and babbles as he'd try to soothe himself back to sleep. I'll actually be able to sleep through the night again since I won't be on night duty, and I'll miss it.

I miss my two babies, even though one is twenty eight. I miss the interaction Hank and Rocket had. They are best buds. Hank had Rocket laughing it up with his antics yesterday. I'd share the video but I think Hank would not appreciated it...but I will share one picture :).

Daughter and Rocket Man are scheduled to come visit again in June, so close yet so far away. I hope she doesn't change her mind. Rocket Man has flown three times in his young life and three times he's gotten sick, coincidence or is it that, as Baby Sis puts it, airplanes are nothing more than giant petri dishes with wings? Hmmmm.

Okay, one last pic of my future Chopin.


  1. Two of the best buddies I've ever had...

  2. Veronica,
    What a beautiful lady you are! I love the blog-window that lets me glance into your home and heart! You brought me to tears, while reminding me of the things that truly matter. My mom says the same I get it! Thanks for sharing!!

    Shelly B.

    1. Thank you Shelly! You'll 'get it' even more once Evan comes home to visit. So bittersweet.

  3. Such a sweet post. I hate how empty the house feels after company leaves, but those memories made make it all worth it!

    1. You are so right Martha Carolyn, the memories are so worth it. Rocket Man brought the giraffe you made with him, he loves it! Daughter has name the giraffe Herman, not sure why but that is what he will be called. I intended to take a picture of him with Herman but never seemed to have the camera close at hand, darn.