Home Sick

Yesterday, I stayed home from church. It felt weird. My week feels weird, church is the springboard that begins my week. Now I'm going to feel like that shopping cart you get with the bum wheel all week long. Bleh.

I wasn't alone though, I had this trio to keep me company

I told you I'd been a bit under the weather, well, the cold front was still hanging around Sunday. In hopes that a day of complete laziness would make things all better I stayed home and kept company with that motley crew. Turns out, it wasn't enough.

At Hank's insistance I finally went to see Doc King. As much as I put off seeing him (I always think I'll get better with time) I sure enjoy talking with him. I've told you before about how wonderful he is, today was no exception. Before the listening, looking, and tapping, there was the chatting. We talked about Daughter, Hank, Father-in-law, his children, a little of this, a little of that. You can't be in a hurry when you go see Doc King, he won't let you. 

Here's what Doc King said to me after the exam, 'Miss V, you have pneumonia in your lower right lung. You waited too long.' 


A shot of Rociphen and these two have replaced Sunday's trio.

Tussin, Advil, and Ricola meet benzonatate and cefuroxime, they're taking over. 

I'm also taking the day off tomorrow, maybe another day of just lounging around will knock out the pneumonia. 

Pneumonia and a week begun with no church, double bleh.


  1. I'm sorry you're sick :( Boo! Sorry we started it! And would you just go to Dr. King before you get pneumonia next time? Usually if something is not on it's way out with in 3-4 days, you should go to the Dr. You taught me that you know.

  2. Yah, listen to Larry! I'm sorry you're so sick. I think you should stay home Wednesday too. Don't get all gung-ho too soon. Does Mom know? I should tell her so she guilts you into staying home and resting.

    Feel better

  3. Oh V..that's no fun. I am sorry to hear you are so sick. Stay home, take it easy and let those meds work their magic. Dr. K is such a nice man. Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.

    Much love,

  4. I have been in McAllen for almost a week and just found out you were sick. I hope you feel better very soon!!!