Bonding Time

When Daughter was little she once said that if Hank didn't have a book to read he'd get a look on his face. It was not a good look. We made sure to keep Hank well stocked with reading material.

I'm not a reader of books, remember it took me months and months to even get around to reading The Help. Give me something short but powerful to read and I'm all over it. 

Mother-in-law says that Hank has always been a voracious reader. She tells me that as a child he'd read the encyclopedia (prehistoric Google) or the dictionary when he'd run out of books to read. Many a time he'd fall asleep with a book on his chest. Don't get me wrong, I understand all too well the importance of being a good reader, I often join the chorus of teachers singing the praises of the student who reads and bemoaning the ones that don't. 

There was actually a time when I would travel across town by bus to the public library so I could check out books and escape the hum-drum life I lived. I read everything, fiction, non-fiction (biographies were my favorite), craft books, etc. When Daughter was a toddler, we'd watch Reading Rainbow and then walk to the library to see if we could find the books LeVar had talked about. For some reason, I've lost my reading mojo over the years. However, I have a reason to find that mojo.

If you're thinking that reason has something to do with this little fella...

you would be right.

Hank is continuing in the tradition that his grandmother started with him, as has Larry, for which I'm very glad.

Rocket Man already loves books, even if he sees them as nothing more than a teething ring. But it's a start.

Fortunately for me, children's books are short and powerful. Oh, yeah, I'm all over this.


  1. Do you read to Rocketman via skype? Grace has always loved books, but Claire has only recently taken an interest... and only to a particular Minnie Mouse book. I need to do better at reading myself. How can I expect my children to have an interest in it if they don't see me reading?

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures of granddad with grandson....

  3. Get them the Sandra Boynton books... all of them. They are really fun and babies love them. I love them too. And they're board books, so he can use them as teething rings, and it's okay!

    1. Oh, and when he's a little older, do Readeo. See it here If you ever want to read to my girls on it, you're welcome to :)