The Winnnnerrrrrr Is....

Before I post the winner of the TOMS giveaway, I must explain the total number of entries.

First, Natural-Nesters Big Sis was the first to enter though her entry does not show up as a comment. As it sometimes does, Blogger would not allow her comment to publish, stupid technology, so she posted her comments to my Facebook page. I counted her entries as numbers one through three. 

Second, I didn't count replies as comments because, well, they are replies to comments. 

Third, as it sometimes does, Blogger published the exact same comment twice so I didn't count that as an entry.

With all this in mind, I counted and recounted to make sure everyone had a fair and equal opportunity to win fair and square. Whew!

Now, for the winnnnerrrrrr, congrats go to # 40, Kevin.Jen.Ben


 Kevin.Jen.Ben please contact me at within the next 48 hours. (it's now 9:25 CST). Please include, your shoe size, address to where you'd like your TOMS shipped and the style # or link to the pair you'd like to have. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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