On the Road Again

Spring Break is next week and it can't get here fast enough. The natives have grown restless much too soon this year, or is it that I've become more restless? Mmmmm, could be. 

I'm heading north in exactly five days. Five days from now I'll be with Larry and Rocket Man. Ahhh. So nice. So excited. So sad Hank won't be with us. So stressed.

Whaat?? Stressed? About being with Larry and Rocket Man? But V, how can that be?

Well, you see, here's the deal. Daughter and Son-in-law have decided to give up sugar. Gasp! Crazy, I know. Yes, they've lost their ever lovin' minds. No sugar for, let's see, Tuesday, Wednesday, three, four, five. FIVE DAYS!? Oh. My. Goodness! How will I survive??

Well, maybe this is what I need to get my mind right, as Trainer Man would say. But, gosh, darn, no sugar? Really? 

I will have this sweet thing to keep my mind off of the no sugar madness. He will keep me from going insane over my five days of craziness.

Isn't he the cutest baby you've ever seen? Oh, you'd like to see another picture of this sweet little boy? I can oblige.

Just looking at him makes my stress level drop. Yeah, I think I'll survive those five days sans sugar as long as Rocket Man is there to keep my mind off the madness.

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  1. I'm soooo jealous! Don't worry about the sugar...just ask the Peanut for some kisses and that will pull you through. Email me lots of pics pleeeease.