My Worst Fear

While I'm in Utah getting to play with Rocket Man, Hank is home holding down the fort, Dog appreciates it too, I'm sure. Though we have an awesome doggie sitter when we both come up to Utah, it's reassuring to know that Hank is there to take her for her evening constitutional.

About that evening constitutional, sometimes I worry/wonder what's out there when I walk Dog. What exactly is able to see me with its night vision but I can't see it with my aging eyes. I know something's out there because Dog will sniff, stop, think, follow the scent, stop and take care of business, sniff, stop, think, and then sometimes take off running into the darkness. Always puts me on edge when she'll take off running. 

There is one critter that I've hoped would never be out there. Not a coyote, though their nearby howls in the darkness will send a chill up my spine. Not an armadillo, they'll run in the opposite direction. And, not an opossum, they'll hiss and run. It's a skunk. They worry me with their ability to hose you down with their wretched stench and their propensity for being rabid. I did catch a whiff of one a few days ago, so I know they are out there. Waiting. Watching. Plotting. 

Last night Hank sent me a text to check my e-mail, my worst fear has come true. Here, in his own words, is Hank's little adventure from last night.

You know we were talking the other day about animals under the pergola. we talked bout a rabbit, then we talked bout raccoons coming back.  You said it was ok as long as it wasn't a skunk.

I walked Addie late tonight.  As we went up the drive we heard a loud chatter and noise behind the house.  It sounded like a metal turbine that needed grease.  We walked to the back of the house and I saw two animals run along the fence.  Thought it was 2 squirrels.  Went back to front of the house and could still hear them.  They were now close to the back of the house by the carport.  Got over there and I see 2 skunks with tails up.  I hustled Addie in.  Ran for the .22 rifle. Got outside and they were now under the pergola.  

So, there u have it.  We now have skunks under the pergola.  I'll get the trap ready with a long rope. If it isn't one thing it's another!
My poor Hank, trapping skunks is not going to be fun. I hear tomato juice is great for getting skunk stink out, anyone know if it's true?


  1. i remember our dog, keeper, got sprayed by a skunk and we bathed her in tomato sauce. I have no idea if it helped, I don't remember! So good luck! ha.

    1. Kelsie wrote that...I guess I was signed in under Levi, oops!

    2. I remember Keeper! we have our fingers crossed that they've gone their merry way! hello to levi. And, your girls are adorable!

  2. tomato juice works pretty well according to my grandfather....funny story - while I was babysitting my friend's kids their dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk and the whole house smelled so bad!!!!!! The poor dog was black in the face and rubbing her face in the dirt. They used a concoction they read about online which worked ok but then they took the dog to the Pet Store near Target and they washed her 4x.......poor dog....I hope Hank comes out clean!