Migration, With a Twist

I love going for a walk right after the rain has stopped. There's so much to see and appreciate.

Puddles serving as Nature's mirrors.

Raindrops adorning trees with translucent earrings.

Sometimes, Mother Nature will reward me with something unexpected. That sometime was today.

As I was heading back to the house from my little sojourn, whistling for Dog to come on, looking heavenward appreciating the different shades of gray in the sky, I heard something that I usually hear in the fall, the plaintive honking of Canadian geese. I turned around wondering where they were and at the same time thinking, 'V, get your camera!' then thinking, 'V, you don't have time to run to the house to get your camera, use your iPhone, use the new Camera app!!', then thinking, 'V, if you don't hurry up you're going to miss them!!!!' So I did, hurry up.

I took a moment to figure out exactly where they were coming from and to try to predict which direction they might go, then I decided what the heck, just start shooting! So I did.

Can you spot them in this shot? No? That's ok, they were just out of range to the left.

Can you spot them in this shot? Yes? No? They're just above the tree on the right.

Now, through the magic of editing in Camera, here they are up close and personal.

Oh how I wish I'd taken my trusty Canon with me on this little jaunt. The shot would have been much crisper and closer. 

When I told Hank about the geese he asked which direction they were heading. Hmmm, I thought, why would that matter? As I was saying south, it dawned on me why it mattered. They were going the wrong way. Fall, south. Spring, north. Yikes! Hopefully their GPS will autocorrect and they'll end up in Canada before our hotter-n-heck summers begin. 

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