If You Don't Mind, I Have A Favor To Ask

Hank had a little procedure done on Monday. Nothing serious, just checking to make sure he's not in the throes of death, which he's not. His little procedure was an endoscopy, you know, it's where they snake a camera down your throat to see what's going on with your innards. All is well, just has to watch his intake of caffeine, no problem on this one, fried foods, again, no problem here, spicy foods, chocolate, citrus fruits, these on the other hand are a problem...especially the chocolate. Hank loves chocolate. And what's up with having to watch the spicy foods, we live in Texas for heaven's sake, spicy is a way of life!

While I waited for Hank to be brought to the recovery area and then as I waited for him to wake up, I had several thoughts going through my brain.

Thought one, why do they keep this place so dagum cold!?

Thought two, what did doctors and nurses do before the invention of this little device? 

My most pressing question though, how do they get their floods so doggone shiny? A question for the ages indeed.

I now have a favor to ask of you, my dear readers. I'm not sure how many of you read my random thoughts regularly but whatever the number, if each of you would keep a stranger in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated. It's not just any stranger though, it's a blogging friend that I made several months ago. Quite frankly, I don't know her complete name, I only know her as JessicaP. I do know, through reading her blog that she has a wonderfully sweet family that is facing a difficult time.

Her little girl, whom she refers to as Sidekick Sister, had surgery yesterday. Major surgery, serious surgery. Read about it here. As any parent would, but especially a mother, she has worried about the surgery, she tells you her concerns here, here, here, and then in yesterday's post she expresses her need of prayers to help her and her little girl. So if I'm not being too bold, I ask that you keep Jessica and her family in your prayers tonight and through the coming months, I'm certain she will feel the strength of prayers that are offered in her behalf.


  1. I hear that the cooler temperature helps keep bacteria down.

  2. Oh, you are so nice! Thank you, thank you! I really feel like all the prayers said for Sidekick Sister were heard. I really think it's a miracle that the doctors were able to work on her hip when they thought it was irrepairable.