Apples and Oranges

I was doing a comparison of the pictures I took of Rocket Man while I was in Utah this past week. Comparing those I took using my iPhone and those I took with my Canon 7D. My conclusion? It's like comparing apples and oranges. Both are great in their own way.

The iPhone is so handy for those better-snap-it-quick type of moments. Like this one of Rocket Man practicing his sitting skills.

Then again, the Canon was able to capture the same moment in a much cleaner, crisper way.

I like the fact that with the iPhone I can take a picture with one hand, as in this one where Rocket and I are having story time.  

With the Canon, I can shoot in rapid succession to capture the perfect shot of a wiggly boy at bath time.

Using the Camera! app on the iPhone, I was able to shoot and edit while holding a sleeping Rocket Man without making a sound to wake him.

The iPhone tends to distort the subject if you get in too tight, like this shot.

On the other hand, the Canon allows me to get in tight enough to get every last smear of squash and the perfect placement of his little hand in his mouth. Meal time is often followed by bath time.

There you have it, iPhone vs Canon 7D, apples vs oranges. Or better put, any excuse to upload pictures of the most adorable baby ever.


  1. I can't wait to meet him :) He is sooo adorable!!

  2. He is so precious! Oh my goodness. :-)

  3. Liz and Jennifer, thank you so much! we think he's pretty special. :)

  4. He is absolutely adorable. I really love the first bath picture with the canon. His eyes are so sweet.